The story of PUZZLS began on a warm summer night, with a girl named Réka holding her recently earned bachelor’s degree. Sounds like an individual with a plan right? Well… wrong, because at that moment Réka had no idea what she wanted to do with her life… In her high school mind by now she should have achieved so much more… when in reality she just moved back with her parents. Greatest failure in the world.

But the ‘greatest failure in the world’ turned into the greatest opportunity. The disappointment with the outcomes of uni turned into a year off studying. She did not want to go get a random master’s degree just yet or ever for that matter (she enrolled to one later, but we’ll get to that in a second). During this year off she had nothing to lose and decided to try working on her biggest passion, which has been part of her ever since she was a child, just got misplaced a bit over time.

 With nothing left to lose, she wrote her first song. Then the second one, third one and so on, compiled them, chiseled them and released a demo EP in January 2020. Not gonna lie, that EP was not the best… wasn’t the worst either, but let’s just go with not the best… She still can’t listen to those songs without cringing… However, it started a chain of events that would change her life for the better. That first step towards the ultimate goal is probably the biggest one. Sure, learning recording, mixing and mastering in a few months did not result in a Grammy winning debut, not even close, but it opened a door in her mind behind which the words “you can actually do this” filled the room.

Being an ‘official releasing artist’ helped her meet fellow independent musicians who were down to collaborate and that is how her first actually finished songs, not just demos, came to life. Collaborating with many producers from all around the world like LA, India, Mexico, Germany, UK, Hungary and more, her personal style began developing. EDM, Pop, R&B, Indie, Alternative are some of the genres she’s tackling, and while it might seem too much, each and every project contributes to finding the right sound for herself. There is so much focus on genre nowadays, why not play around a bit at the beginning…or even for longer. Her Puzzls-only songs are Alternative R&B, Indie Pop with a hint of Alternative Rock, so let’s just call those her main genres.

While the debut demos were released under a different artist name, the actual Puzzls debut EP called “Steps” came out in 2021, a project that was finished with the help of long-time collaborator Jorge Arenas. The songs received a lot of love from all around the world, more specifically 131 countries, and she ended 2021 with a total of 218.6k streams on Spotify.

Currently she is enrolled in a Music Management MA degree in Berlin and is constantly working on new music with both old and new collaborators. She is also in the process of learning to mix and master, and her first fully mixed and mastered project is set to release in January 2022.